About Us

Literary vision

Learn from “what was to teach what can be”. Seeing the world with joyful and confident kids through all the hiccups of life. Change the world and shape future adults. Exploring new perspectives in literacy through our children’s eyes, and that is only the beginning. The sky IS NOT the limit of the imagination. Witness the flourishing of children’s highest potential.


We aim to provide diverse content young and old will treasure for generations to come. Milestone events put into an art like you have never seen before with the message “so simple a child can understand it”.

Brand promise:

Be confident that your child will navigate and understand their world with a bit more ease. Our books will support cognitive growth and ignite the imagination. As they develop their ability to read, write, speak and listen, so too will their communication skills. That means a little less time spent worrying for parents and caregivers as children become more independent.

Artistic vision

Bring your fantasy to life. Allow your wardrobe to be as lively, vibrant, and creative as your imagination. Walk your runway out your door, down the sidewalk, at the convention, on the set, while fighting injustice, volunteering, or just cozying up on the couch. Feel confident in any persona you choose.


We can help you bring your inner vision to the surface so you can walk in your own personal universe. You can’t find your personal universe on a store shelf. We will help you create that universe.

Brand promise

Personalized, exclusive finds, and fits. Guaranteed smiles. When you look in the mirror be in Awe, Be inspired, Be entranced in you!

As a thought leader Aroara encompasses so much. The image within the name is the universe because the sky is not the limit of the imagination. The paw print represents a small animal because often the smallest things make the biggest impact.